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Bristol Balloon Fiesta and The Golden Guinea

Bristol Balloon Fiesta and The Golden Guinea


The Bristol Balloon Fiesta is one Bristol's most anticipated event in anyone's calendar and we want you to have an amazing Fiesta, so we have a range of drinks on offer for you! It's time for balloons and beers!

The Golden Guinea will be offering some amazing beers!

The world-famous hot-air hysteria returns to Bristol in less than two weeks for four days between the 10th and 13th August, during which the skies above Ashton Court will blossom with a bounty of voluptuous balloons. With it being only two weeks away we now know we will have an amazing range of beers on offer including: 


Beerd Bristol - Colossus 
Powderkeg Beer - Cut Loose
Black Flag Brewery - Fang
Arbor Ales - Shangri la - Oz Bomb
Drink Moor Beer - So'Hop
New Bristol Brewery - Japan - Like a Version - Le Soleli 
Bristol Beer Factory - Nova


Plenty of amazing beers for you to sink your teeth into!


The event takes off from Ashton Court, a short 10 - 20 minute walk away from the Guinea and we get some spectacular views from our end during the day as the sky is filled with balloons! You really need to get down and experience it for yourself.


The Bristol Balloon Fiesta is one of the city’s finest traditions and has accrued a truly worldwide reputation since its inception back in 1979. And in each summer since, the balloons have been a staple of the Bristol skyline and the festival a consistent fixture in the summer calendar. 


Bristol is usually famous for its three B's (Balloons, Banksy, Bridges) but this year, The Golden Guinea is adding a fourth... BEERS! 


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